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Risks Forum

Peter G. Neumann moderates the ACM Forum on Risks to the Public in the Use of Computers and Related Systems.

One manifestation of this is the widely-read on-line Risks Forum newsgroup (comp.risks), a searchable archive for which is maintained by Lindsay Marshall at Newcastle .

If you don't get the newsgroup at your site (or don't have your NNTPSERVER environment variable set correctly), you can read the current issue here.

Excerpts from RISKS appear in each issue of ACM Software Engineering Notes, and Peter also contributes to and edits a monthly column in Communications of the ACM, called Inside Risks, the latest column of which is accessible on-line, although reuse for nonindividual purposes is subject to CACM and author copyright policy.)

Peter's book on the subject of computer-related risks is published by Addison-Wesley under an ACM Press imprint. It is also now available in a Japanese translation. Also, see his main Web site, with many interesting items -- Senate and House testimonies, position papers, references, etc.